Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Energy ETC Installs Solid State Lighting Pilot Program at Northern California Research Center

Union City, CA - Energy ETC, Inc. is conducting a solid state, LED lighting pilot program at a research center in Palo Alto, CA to demonstrate energy savings and ease of installation of direct replacement solid state lighting technology.

Existing lighting fixtures were retrofit with three LED solid state tube lamps to replace the existing T-8 fluorescent lamps. Material and installation labor for the pilot program were provided by Energy ETC at no cost to the research center.

The LED lamps consume 18 Watts of energy and yield a 14 Watt savings per lamp over the 32 Watts consumed by the T8 fluorescent lamps.

Based on the average light usage patterns at the research center, changing to LED lighting will provide an annual energy savings of 630 kWhs per office. With over 300 offices, the potential annual energy savings could be greater than 189,000 kWh/year thus avoiding 114 tons of CO2 emissions.