Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Does Your Smart Building Need a Shrink?

Does Your Smart Building

Need a Shrink?

Let’s face it, even the most intelligent people get
confused sometimes.  Why would you expect your
Smart Buildings to be any different?
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What happens when a Smart Building gets Confused?  Can't remember where it left its keys?  Everything looks normal, vital signs appear to be fine ... but a few pieces of questionable data could cause it to become disoriented.


Critical systems should annunciate alarms, but what about the less critical errors that can occur?  The ones that cause the phone to start ringing.  "What's wrong with my Smart Building?  Does it need a Shrink? A trip to the E.R.?"  Uh Oh!

Your building just needs
a good dose of




- Works with all

Smart Buildings
- Increase NOI
- Keep your budget

under control

- Have happier tenants

- Get more done!

Avoid costly visits to
the Psychiatrist, or
worse a trip to the E.R.

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