Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Stories From Our Helpdesk BMS Assurance Saves the Day

Stories From Our Helpdesk
BMS Assurance Saves the Day

Furnace Fails at 3:00am on
a Monday, 42*F Outside

Helpdesk receives BMS alert.  Logs into
BMS to verify problem.  Schedules HVAC
service technician to investigate.

Service technician confirms BMS is calling
for heat, discovers a failed gas valve. 
Installs new part, contacts Helpdesk to
verify proper functional passes.

Building Clouds HVAC is operating properly
by 9:00am.

Minimal impact to tenants.

Multiple HVAC Unit Failures,
More Than a BMS Issue

Helpdesk receives BMS alerts indicating
that multiple HVAC units have gone offline.

Helpdesk contacts the Building Clouds
Facilities Engineer who heads to the site.

Facilities Engineer discovers copper wiring
has been removed from the affected units.

Police take over from here
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