Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What the IoT Means to Facilities Management

Connect without wires using your Wi-Fi
or cellular network.
Connect sub-systems with Bluetooth
sensors. No software programs to setup
or learn.

What the IoT Means to Facilities


  1. A quick and easy way to connect to, monitor,
    and control your equipment.
  2. You don't have to replace and/or install a
    complex BMS.
  3. Access to your system from your Smart Phone
    via a simple App.
  4. For a Free evaluation by one of our IoT
    Engineers, Text #strati-fi to 510.972.4174 .

Get Your Building Connected
Faster, Simpler, and Cheaper
Than Ever Before With the
Internet of Things (IoT)

2017 saw tremendous growth for IoT across all
industries.  As with any new technology, there are
pros and cons to rapid technological advancements. 
For the Facilities Management industry, it means
being able to monitor and control critical equipment
for a very low cost and with a quick installation

Wireless IoT devices for Facilities can be installed
in minutes and then be relocated as your needs

For buildings, IoT devices can be thermostats, lights,
power meters, security cameras, door locks, sensors
for measuring CO2, light level, pressure, temperature,
humidity, just about anything you can think of.

A Building Management System that might have
cost tens of thousands of dollars can now be built-up
or augmented over time for hundreds of dollars.

Get Control of the Systems That
Matter Quickly and Easily

Don't get caught off-guard when equipment failures

happen just because you can't afford to install a
cumbersome and expensive BMS.

Go lite and simple with connected IoT devices.

Building Clouds offers a complete line of IoT devices,
software, and apps to help you get control of your facility,
"Simply Connect".

Don't let your budget cycle stop you, use the savings

from your maintenance and repair budget.

     See the strati-fi in action ....
Read Facilities Management
Use Cases Here

Enhance the tenant experience, put control in their hands
An IoT device for Smart Buildings
Works with all major BMS systems,

or as a stand-alone App                        

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